Baseus GAMO C18 Immersive Virtual 3D Type-C Gaming Earphone

The Baseus GAMO C18 offers user a standard array of sound transmission with interaction purely from the left and right. Here, 3D recutting technology delivers a full 360 degree perception of sound enbaling user to detect and recognise sound direction. C18 is ideal for a gamer, if user is playing a shooter, user will better able to know the loxcation enemy is coming from. Pinpoint the important details from the sound of gunfire, footsteps and more to upgrade own game. Basing on the HRTF human ear recognition system, the output audio is recorded with patent Bongiovi DPS. This enables you to enjoy music and gaming to your hearts content with an impressive 3D sound effect.

This Baseus GAMO C18 Gaming Earphone comes with 01 year of warranty.